Pretty perfect pad Thai in Nan province

PAD Thai is the favorite dish of a lot of people and has even been raised to the level of national dish, but finding a restaurant that cooks this national dish well is very difficult,’s columnist Peeranut P. wrote over the weekend.

As many of us have in the past got into a bad mood when eating pad Thai at outlets that have not prepared it well, Sanook! Travel is taking us all the way to northern Nan province to try it at a restaurant owned and operated by a Michelin Star level chef.

This restaurant, Pad Thai 100 Pe Siam (Pad Thai 100 Years Siam), has its own special recipes to cook the Thai national dish with heavy focus on the ingredients.


Chef Keng, the owner, used to work at a Michelin Star level restaurant in Australia and it was there that he picked up and practiced various pad Thai recipes, which he has since then improved on to get the best taste.

Those who have eaten run-of-the-mill pad Thai and come to this restaurant will immediately notice the big difference in taste.

Chef Keng said that this restaurant in Nan province is but the first of a string of others he intends to open in various provinces so that Thais get an opportunity to enjoy really good pad Thai.

So if you are in or near Nan do check out the heavenly taste of pad Thai at this restaurant.


Top, in-text and below: Some of the pad Thai dishes prepared at Pad Thai 100 Pe Siam restaurant in Nan province. Photos:


Address: 99/6 Mahawong, Mueang district, Nan province

Opening hours: 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Telephone: 0918519889