The rain is upon us; what there is to do in Phuket

IT shouldn’t come as a surprise that rainy weather has made its way to Phuket for what we call the Green Season. During that time, which is between now and the end of November, you should expect some intermittent rain showers during the day and especially in the evening.

With that in mind, what can you do if you happen to be in Phuket during the Green Season?

Watch a movie

movie theater

Phuket has two big movie theatres to choose from, both from SF Cinema City; one is available at Central Festival Phuket, in Phuket Town while the other one is located at Jungceylon Shopping Center, in Patong. Both offer movies in English and in Thai, with subtitled available in the other language.

They also come with the First Class Cinema experience, which allows you to indulge in some snacks provided at the lounge before watching the movie. The seats in these sections of the theatre are generally more comfortable but come at a higher price.

Visit a museum

tin mine museum

Granted. In today’s society, going to a museum sadly became a second option as we are more and more looking at thrilling experience. However, Phuket offers plenty of very interesting museums, such as the Trick Eyes museum in Phuket Town or the Tin Mine Museum in Kathu, retracing the history that made Phuket the island it is today.

Museums on the island are not expensive and usually offer discounts for students and persons from a certain age group.

Visit a shooting range

phuket shooting range

There are plenty of shooting ranges available in Phuket, especially in the south of the island. There, you will be able to choose what kind of guns and ammunition you would like to test your skills with and reach on targets that are meters apart from you.

You will be guided by an instructor at all time, so make sure you listen carefully to what is said before shooting on the target.

Eating almost everything

food new

A favorite activity of mine, Phuket is renowned for its gastronomy and most of the restaurants you’ll come across on the island are covered and sometimes offer a parking lot nearby. Order some delicious food from the menu and enjoy those delicacies while the rain lasts.

The rain during the Green Season usually last for one or two hours, allowing for Mother Nature to refresh its batteries and provides you with the beautiful scenery you can get a glimpse of when staying in Phuket.

By Nattha Thepbamrung