Satin Dresses Never Go Out of Style

A quality satin dress never goes out of style. There’s something about the visual sheen and luxuriously smooth texture of satin that has enthralled people all over the world ever since it was introduced as a silk product by the Chinese back in the middle ages.

The name came from the Chinese name of the port town from which it was first shipped. The town was called ‘Zaitun’, which later became known as Quanzhou.

People were instantly drawn to the fabric because of its buttery-soft texture, its rich visual appeal, and the way it elegantly draped.


Exotic Trade Value

The trade routes between Western Europe, the Arab World and China were well-travelled by the middle ages, and one of the most valuable trade items was satin. By the 14th century, the fabric was available all over the European continent, but the cost was prohibitive to everyone but royalty and the wealthy.

Satin was seen as a highly-valued fabric that was out of the reach of most people but nevertheless admired by the masses. It was used by both the Catholic church and the royal families of Europe for their clothing, draperies, furniture upholstery and bedding.

As China’s trade channels increased, the availability of satin also increased, although like silk, the fabric satin was made from, it remained costly because of the time and effort it took in manufacturing the fabric.


Widening Appeal

The golden age of Hollywood in the 20s through the 50s helped widen the popularity and appeal of satin. The site of Bette Davis, Rita Hayworth, and Lauren Bacall wearing exquisite wardrobes of satin dresses, blouses and dressing gowns served to make satin seem accessible to middle-class women.

Satin started appearing as accents on the lapels and cummerbunds of formal wear for men as well. It was still an upper-class fabric, but as its use increased, it stopped being seen as too expensive to be afforded by regular people. Clothing made of satin began to be a popular gift and most fashionable women of the twentieth century had at least one special article of clothing made of satin. Satin started to be seen as a sign of success. Satin bestowed the same cachet as a designer purse or pair of shoes.

The mystique and popularity of the fabric weren’t even hurt very much by the creation of ‘sateen’, which was an imitation satin fabric used by copying the weave of satin but using artificial fibres.

Nobody was fooled by the cheaper look and feel of the product, and the allure of the real thing continues to hold a special place in the fashion industry today. Satin holds a tactile fascination for people all over the world. And it’s likely that nothing will ever replace it.


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