Serenity at a homestay in a Petchaburi village

AT Baan Suan  Kluay village in western Petchaburi province, nature is at its best in all directions with there being green paddy fields and meadows, the air too is really pleasant with cool wind blowing, and it is here that there are small houses that look very inviting to rest in,’s columnist Peeranut P. wrote today (April 9).

Within the compound are organic vegetables grown on some plots, chicken and duck coops, and a fish pond, and this then is the traditional lifestyle at its best.

This place is open for homestay for all those who want to rest in the midst of a simple country setting.


Those who come here have to cook their own food on a coal stove with utensils provided. They may also gather organic vegetables from the plots the owner has grown, and also collect hen and duck eggs from the coops.

However, guests do have to bring their own rice and other other fresh food they might need.

Guests are also expected to bathe outdoors clad in a sarong and scooping up water from klong jars as was traditionally the case. However, there is a bathroom to use by those who are too shy to do so.


The owner of Baan Pan Suk Petchaburi Homestay, Mr Somporn Dengpradap, or Khun Oat, 39, said in the past he worked in the entertainment industry for 20 years, but got fed-up with the confusion of city life, so returned home to revive his 2 rai farm.

He dug a pond to raise fish, grew vegetables and built homestay houses to meet the demand for a simple, natural lifestyle where you have to cook your own food.

Two types of houses are available for rent, the small one, which can accommodate 2 person, at 300 baht a night, and the bigger one, which can accommodate 3 persons, at 700 baht.

Those interested in resting and relaxing in a natural surrounding for a few days should contact 087-446-6466 .


Top, in-text and below: The natural country life at Baan Pan Suk Petchaburi Homestay. Photos: