Tame iguana hangs out at Pattaya mall

THOSE who visit The Avenue shopping mall in Pattaya are in for a big surprise as a tame iguana habitually ambles around greeting both tourists and locals alike in a friendly manner.

Thai News Agency reported today (Feb. 4) that the herbivorous lizard’s owner is Mr Prasert Tohsaguan or “Chang Pell, a young tattoo artist, who previously rented space at this mall to operate his tattoo parlor and brought his pet, whose name is “Chao Thung Ngern,” along with him.

An iguana at Pattaya mall

Being a friendly iguana, Chao Thung Ngern got used to playing and sunning himself at the mall’s multi-purpose yard, also crawling up to meet and greet visitors who come and go.

Even though Prasert has now moved out to a shop behind the mall, he still brings the iguana to the mall everyday to first take a dip in the poll there, and then hang out till evening when he takes him back to the shop to sleep.

Chao Thung Ngern has made himself at home at the mall with all the workers there getting along with him well.

The large lizard is around 9 years old and weighs around 10 kilograms. He is not ferocious, loves being out in the sunshine, and eats fruit and vegetables.


Top, in-text and below: Prasert and Chao Thung Ngern at both The Avenue shopping mall and his shop in Pattaya. Photos: Thai News Agency



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