Thai flight attendants welcome Britney Spears with ‘Toxic’ video

(CNN) — Who could forget the music video to Britney Spears’ 2003 hit “Toxic”?

The American pop star plays a flight attendant in the video, directed by award-winning music video director Joseph Kahn.

The racy track remains one of Spears’ best-loved hits.

Real-life flight attendants might be more used to serving difficult passengers than working as undercover spies – as Spears does in the video – but when the passengers are gone, it’s another story.

Four flight attendants from low-cost Thai carrier Nok Air recently took advantage of an empty plane to recreate Spears’ iconic music video in honor of the pop star’s arrival in Thailand, the latest in a series of viral “Toxic” videos.

The singer is set to perform two concerts in Bangkok today, June 23, and tomorrow, June 24.

“We are really excited to see our crew’s initiatives to make this incredible video,” says Pinyot Pibulsongkram, Nok Air’s vice president of marketing and sales.

“Not only that they are excited about Britney landing in Bangkok and love the song Toxic, but they also had a lot of fun representing our brand.”

The Nok Air team isn’t alone in its “Toxic” appreciation.

Only a few weeks ago, El Al Airlines air stewards introduced Spears to Israel with their own cover of the pop hit, also filmed on an empty plane.

In March, AirAsia air steward Assraf Nasir took an advantage of an empty plane to perform his enthusiastic take on Spears’ dance routine – which reworks traditional air steward activities such as pushing a food trolley and answering a cabin phone call.

The video went viral and is still doing the rounds on social media. Even AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes posted about it.

SOURCE: CNN written by Francesca Street



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