The Wholesale Gemstone Bracelet Market Is Alive and Growing

Like any fashion trend, styles come and go like the tides in the ocean. That said, over the course of human history, gemstones have persevered and continued to be highly valuable assets and trade items. But while precious gems are almost exclusively reserved for the wealthy, wholesale gemstone bracelets and other jewelry remain a very lucrative market.

Think about it – who wouldn’t want to wear jewelry that looks good and doesn’t break the bank? To the naked eye of a normal person, a red crystal affixed to a bracelet is indiscernible from a real ruby. For gem enthusiasts, this would be a faux pas, but the number of people who truly care about wearing real gems is low.

All of this is to say that wholesale gemstone jewelry is and will continue to be a great business venture for both buyers and sellers. Plus, given the unique opportunity provided by COVID-19 and the improved global logistics network, now is a great time to get involved in the interesting world of gemstone trading.

It’s a Buyer’s Market

Manufacturers of wholesale gemstone bracelets and jewelry have been stymied by the lack of movement around the world and by the struggling economies. Fewer people are finding occasions to go out from their homes and dress up, and if they are, they are likely conscious about money.

This means that suppliers of jewelry are likely sitting on inventory that they would like to unload as soon as possible. Excess inventory accumulates a lot of overhead costs, such as warehousing, and delays procurement and production of raw materials and goods, respectively.

All of these factors combined lead to buyers having all the leverage for getting a good deal on bulk orders of wholesale gemstone bracelets and jewelry. With such good prices, they can increase their margin without having to raise their prices to their buyers or customers.

Sellers Reap Benefits as Well

Despite not having leverage over the buyers, sellers of wholesale gemstone bracelets are equally in an advantageous position to grow their business. Thanks to advances in technology and logistics, shipping internationally has never been easier. That means that sellers have a much larger market in which to find buyers.

Where buyers may gain short-term benefits, sellers can establish long-term relationships with buyers around the world, growing their reach and increasing the chances of gaining sustained, repeat business. Nothing is more valuable to manufacturers than having a thick deck of loyal customers.

How Can Buyers and Sellers Meet

The internet has made it possible for international business to be completed without having the need to meet in person. Champions like Alibaba have paved the way for this type of business to succeed, and now even some major business is done just through social media.

If you are looking for a time-assured industry to get involved in that has immediate and long-term benefits, consider getting into the wholesale gemstone bracelets and jewelry business.