Tourists flock to see man vs snakes boxing matches

PACKING them in are the man versus snake boxing matches and other snake shows which can be seen every night in northeastern Khon Kaen city until Sunday December 10, INN News reported today (Dec. 8).

A combination of three events are being held simultaneously, with these being a silk festival, Phuk Siao friendship ritual and a Red Cross fair, with the festival having started on November 29 with Sunday being the last day.

Mr Pongsak Tangsanikphong, head of provincial administration organization, said the human versus snakes show is the star attraction and this show can only been in this city, with tourists getting a chance to take photos with the snakes.

The snake shows take place in the evening from 6 pm onward, and there are 5 shows a day.

snake trainer (1)

Meanwhile and article published by iTravel Channel says every home in Khon Kaen’s Ban Kok Sa-nga village has snakes as pets.

The locals have dedicated their lives to training king cobras and you can see that in these performances. The snakes can dance with skill and grace. For an animal that’s known as terrifying, here they appear to be very tame – completely controlled by their masters.

How the Cobra Village was started is an interesting story. In 1951, a local doctor did a cobra show to attract clients to his village and sell herbal medicine. Today the villagers continue to travel around the area offering snake shows, and selling herbal medicine as extra income.

One of the most unbelievable feats you can watch here at the King Cobra Village is a boxing match, but not any ordinary boxing match. It’s between a king cobra and a man. The king cobra’s strength is both impressive and frightening, making for an unforgettable show.

As you can see, even the village children perform in the snake shows. They learn to handle cobras from a very young age and it’s a normal part of growing up in this community. If you’re not afraid, you may even get a chance to touch a snake yourself.


Top: Women from Khon  Kaen’s Ban Kok Sa-nga village performing a snake dance.  Photo: INN News

In-text: A snake trainer on the stage with one of his pets. Photo: INN News