Try Natural Hair Care Products in Malaysia

In many countries in Southeast Asia, consumer goods are sold at a very low price, particularly necessities. Items such as dental care, hair care, and sanitary products are all sold affordably so that even those living in poverty can afford them. Though cheap, these products often include many dangerous chemicals that people should avoid. Because of that knowledge, natural hair care products in Malaysia have exploded onto the market.

We all have to take care of our hair and head, including people who are bald or shave their heads. The last thing we want is nasty chemicals against our skin or stuck in our hair fibers as we go about our daily lives. That’s why natural hair care products in Malaysia are all the rage.

Malaysian men and women are on the lookout for natural hair care products in Malaysia, including products like shampoo and hair dye.

Say No to Chemicals

Commonly sold chemical shampoos are typically full of cheap, dangerous chemicals that barely pass safety standards. In places like Malaysia, where not everyone can afford a healthy product, chemical products need to be sold at a low price. To achieve this low price, companies will use cheap chemical additives and keep manufacturing costs low.

Attractive prices for personal care products mean that most people are using these dangerous chemicals. And the worst part is that most don’t realize that the products they use could be harming them.

If you are able to afford natural hair care products in Malaysia, you should consider using them for health improvements, if anything.


Some of the most popular natural hair care products in Malaysia are shampoos. Shampoo has historically been a tricky product to make a natural alternative for because it needs to be highly effective to be marketable.

Most shampoos use sulfates, which are chemical surfactants that are excellent at removing grease and oil. For example, a lot of dish soaps use sulfates as well because they can effectively tackle grease and oil on dishes.

Natural shampoos try to avoid using sulfates altogether, but it is hard to find an effective natural surfactant. Our hair gets very greasy and oily between showers, especially in a hot climate like Malaysia, making the need for a strong shampoo very high.

Hair Dye

Another popular natural hair care product in Malaysia is hair dye. Today, many people are expressing themselves through their hair, opting to dye parts or all of the hair and achieve a new look or style.

Considering that hair dye coats your hair and remains on each hair strand for weeks, you want to make sure that your hair dye has as few chemicals as possible. Natural hair dyes are often made from fruits or plants that are rich in color.

For example, beetroot juice’s deep purples are great for purple streaks, as are carrot juice’s bright oranges.