A walk through Thalang Road

IF we had to name one street, and one street only, that summarize the history and beautiful architecture of Phuket Town, that would be Thalang Road. Located in the heart of Phuket old town, this 700-meter-long road spans west to east and is cornered by Montri Road on the east side and Yaowarat Road on the west.

What is fascinating with this one-way road is not only how it managed to capture the essence of Phuket’s lifestyle, but also the mix of nationalities it offers from one shop to another; I can’t think of any other places on Earth that conveys a message of “respect your neighbors” more than Thalang Road.

Start your day by walking alongside the numerous clothing shops; we are not talking about tailors here, but authentic textile shops that sells fabrics by the yard, all beautifully decorated with ancient Paranakan and Baba designs.

Stop for a quick lunch at Kopitiam by Wilai, a small restaurant owned by a formed Phuket’s teacher, which acts as a museum, reminiscing the old time when Phuket Town was mainly covered by walking streets.

Venture eastward to find more designer boutiques and artists’ playgrounds, colorings the street with many paintings and sculptures you may want to bring home.

The real magic of Thalang Road happens on Sunday evening, where the whole street turns into a gorgeous market, known by the locals at Lard Yai, and where you can find a plethora of southern delicacies such as Oh Tao, a fried oyster dish prepared with eggs, flour, bean sprouts and taro root, Moo Hong, the perfect combination of slow-cooked pork belly with coriander and Chinese five-spice, and Ah Pong, a signature snack from the island.

Have you ever visited Thalang Road? If so, what were your impressions? We love to hear from you, so feel free to comment on what aspect of this historic landmark did you prefer.


Top: A vendor at the fascinating Thalang Road.

By Nattha Thepbamrung