Yaowarat Chinatown’s classic and charming café

IF you talk about a zone that most characteristically represents Bangkok then Yaowarat Road, the city’s Chinatown, immediately comes to mind, and fittingly so because it is here that legendary restaurants are located, Sanook! Travel columnist Peeranut P. wrote recently.

The architecture of the buildings and houses here is still beautiful while the culture of Thais of Chinese descent remains unchanged.

Hidden in Yaowarat is a really classic café which very few know about with this being called Chata Specialty Coffee.

It is located at the rear of Baan2459 hotel, and once you reach it by walking through the hotel it immediately strikes you how cute and stylized it is.

Chat cafe 4The backdrop of this glass house is an old wall which seems to cast a spell, and this is so because it has been standing for all of 102 years.

Aside from this historic wall, there are lots of corners to take good photos in.

Where the café is concerned the tonal arrangement is elegantly dark and there is big menu of food and drinks to choose from.

Cakes are recommended because they have been made with a creative flare, with one of them being made of the Thai dessert banana in coconut milk which this writer has never had anywhere else before.

After walking around in the heat it is nice to sit down and sip a cold drink in a glass room so beautifully arranged it is really pleasing to the eye. Those coming to Yaowarat should not miss this café.

Again it is important that when you go to this café you not forget to take your camera along to get some good photos of yourself, perhaps in the company of your personal model.


Chata Specialty Coffee: 98 Phat Sai road, Samphanthawong district, Bangkok

Opening hours: 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Telephone 084 625 2324


Top: The elegant Chata Specialty Coffee and Baan2459 hotel it is located in. Photos: Sanook.com

Chata cafe 2

Chata cafe 8

Chata cafe 10