1 of 4 Thai-Swiss children dies after all fall from flat

FOUR Thai-Swiss children plunged down from their 4th floor apartment in Ramkhamhaeng area at 1.30 a.m. today (May 1) with one dying, 2 in ICU with serious head injuries with the 4th suffered broken legs and is in stable condition,

The deadly fall occurred at the five-storey Kesaree apartment building in Ramkhamhaeng soi 34, and the 4  children,  Luka Niran Borel, 11, Pamela Niran Borel, 10, Chanida Niran Borel, 7, Kanetcha Niran Borel, 5, were quickly sent to nearby hospitals.

Kanitcha later died of his head injuries while Luka and Chanida are in the ICU with very serious head injuries. Pamela suffered broken legs and would be safe.

Upon inspecting the flat police found that at the rear balcony 1 foot long extension outwards had been built with 2 wooden planks, with this used to drain dishes, but it had tilted and one of the brackets had loosened.

Police suspect that the 4 children sat on this platform, and as it was not able to hold their weight, they all fell.

Mr Od Prakaikaew, 68, told police the children were half Thai and half Swiss with their mother having separated from her Swiss husband 4 years ago, after which she brought them all to live in this apartment.

He and wife, the children’s grandmother, took care of them when their mother worked from night to morning. That night his wife saw that all 4 were asleep, so locked the door from the outside to come home, with their mother to open it in the morning after returning form work.

However, when she came down she was shocked to see that all 4 had plunged to the ground.

Neighbors said they were good children and studied hard while also helping their mother with chores. However, they were not in a good financial position and sometimes did not get anything to eat, and they did feel sorry for them


Top: The apartment building from which the 4 children fell while the image inset shows one of them at the hospital. Photo: Daily News