1 dead, 4 injured in bad car accident

A CAR lost its balance and shot across a traffic island in the middle of Nakhon In Road and slammed into a motorcycle leaving one person dead and four others injured, INN News said today (July 6).

Nonthaburi police rushed to the scene of this bad accident near Nang Len restaurant on Nakhon In Road and found a Bangkok-registered Honda Civic sedan completely smashed with the wheels pointing skywards and the front of the motorcycle also wrecked but the motorcyclist, identified as Phiraphong Seedang, 22, was only slightly injured.

However the sedan’s driver, who was killed in this bad smashup, was not carrying any papers on him but was wearing military fatigues. The three passengers were thrown out of the car after it flipped during the accident and were taken to Phra Nang Klao Hospital.

It took rescue workers over 20 minutes to cut open the smashed car and bring out the driver’s body.

Police as yet do not  know why this accident occurred but will be questioning those injured and checking security camera footage.


Top: The completely smashed Honda Civic sedan. Photo: INN News


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