1 more Thai-Swiss child in horror fall dies

THE second of 4 Thai-Swiss children who fell from a balcony platform at a locked flat in Ramkhamhaeng soi 34 at 1.30 a.m. on May 1 died peacefully this morning after her heart had stopped beating twice yesterday, the Thai-language Khao Sod reported.

Doctors at Ramkhamhaeng Hospital said that Chanida Niran Borel, 7, passed away at 8 a.m. although they did their best to prolong her life. The horrific fall from the 4th floor flat left her brain swollen, broke her cheekbone and backbone in several places.

The youngest child, Kanetcha Niran Borel, 5, had died soon after the fall. However the older 2 children, Luka Niran Borel, 11, Pamela Niran Borel, 10, have now recovered enough to return to the home of their mother, Rattikarn Prakaikaew.

Thai-swiss kids

The children’s father, Mr Marcel Leon Borel, a Swiss national, came to be with his daughter yesterday upon getting the news of her slipping away. He had to wait for his ex-wife, Rattikarn, and when she came later, asked her whether he could see his daughter for the last time.

However while they were talking his ex-wife started yelling and jumped up to sit on a table, then screamed that Borel was going to kill her.

Relatives and friends separated them and later Borel’s friend persuaded Rattikarn to let him see his child, which he then did.

Borel came this morning to take her body for funeral service.


Top:  The 4 Thai-Swiss children together with their mother Rattikarn. Photo: Khaosod

In-text: Heartbroken Borel at the hospital. Photo: Khaosod.