10 students faint on school’s sport day.

10 Students fainted in the school on their sports day. At first, the news went out that over 20 students fainted but the principal has come out and revealed there were actually 10. Atip Ukaew the principal of a school in Pathum Thani Province revealed to Khaosod News Team on 4 February 2023. Atip stated the news that went out is not true. The sports event took place for 3 days from 1-3 February. There were normal sports activities such as a parade and racing. It was a hot day on the 3rd and many students joined in the sports event. There is a room with Air Conditioning for students to rest in. Some were very tired from the sports. 



The principal wants parents to not worry because there was an ambulance and medical personnel at the school since morning. This is to make sure any medical emergencies can be looked at right away. There were also police officers and related officials who helped watch the students. 10 students fainted on the 3rd and they were taken to the hospital. There were teachers who traveled with the students to the hospital. The students have all recovered and only 1 required medication due to an existing medical condition. Atip is worried about the image of the school because of fake news. 



Some sources published that the students all fainted at the same time after drinking water. The real reason is that they were playing sports in the bright sun. This is the first sports day ever since the pandemic and the dates were chosen carefully. There is an important test coming up called the O-NET test. The principal has come out to talk because the fake news has heavily affected the school’s reputation. There is a misunderstanding that the school has no safety and medical equipment. The event was planned out carefully but the weather was extremely hot. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Fake news reported that over 20 students fainted after drinking water.


Source: Khaosod