10-year-old girl raped by both dad and granddad

A YOUNG woman who had just reported to the police early this month that her husband had raped their 10-year-old daughter for over 2 years was today (May 12) back in the police station to report that the real grandfather had also raped her for 3 months, Sanook.com reported.

Ms Kay (assumed name), 29, again brought Ms Nid (assumed name), 10, a 5th grade student, to file a complaint at Klong Dan police station, in Samut Prakarn, after having just reported to them on May 4 that Nirud, 31, her husband and the girl’s real father, raped their daughter for over 2 years.

Today she urged police to take action against Viroj, 52, the girl’s real grandfather who worked as a municipality garbage collector, for also raping Nid for over 3 months.

Kay said it was just after midnight on May 4 when she woke up and found that both her husband and older daughter were not in the house. She went to the backyard and saw her husband raping the girl.

Upon seeing her, her husband fled, but has since been arrested and locked up.

Police are now quickly collecting evidence to get a warrant to also arrest Viroj.

Kay said she has taken her 2 daughters to take shelter at her boss’s house because she does not feel safe in this district where lots of her husband’s relatives live.

Once free of these 2 cases she is also going to move elsewhere in this country as she is afraid her 2 daughters, with the younger one only 6 years old, as they might be teased or shunned by other schoolchildren.


Top: The young victim of family rape. Photo:  Sanook.com