100 Arab motorbike racers rounded up in Pattaya

AROUND a hundred young Arab motorcycle racers were rounded up by Pattaya police last night as they were zooming through 2 alleys that had been sealed off, Thai News Agency reported today (July 1, 2018).

Around 50 local and Tourist police at this seaside city blocked both ends of Soi VC and Soi Yen Sabai just as the Arab youths took off on their rented souped up motorcycles.

Upon seeing the police, the youths either went and parked their motorbikes in small alleys or hotel car parks and raised a ruckus as they assembled on the road.

Police rounded them up and through a translator warned them that they would face legal action if they race in this manner and disturb the residents living in the area.

Police said they have been regularly cracking down on motorbike racing and this time have seized the motorcycles and will file charges against their owners who had rented them out.

They are also tracking down those who souped up these motorcycles.


Top and below: Police talking to some of the hundred young Arab motorcycle racers last night. Photo: Thai News Agency

Arab bikers nabbed Pattaya