100,000 Ecstasy pills sent into Thailand from Europe.

Niyom Termsrisuk from the Office of the Narcotics Control Board (ONCB) reported the seize of ecstasy pills on 27-29 February 2020. The ONCB, Thai Customs, Narcotics Suppression Bureau (NSB), and other related government sectors work hand in hand to stop illegal drugs sent in through the Airport Interdiction Taskforce (AITF). An investigation discovered that there was a shipment coming in from Germany through the international postal services. Officials found 3 boxes with a total of 26,340 ecstasy pills. The boxes were traced and officials made 3 arrests consisting of both Thai citizens and foreigners.


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Across a period of 5 months, there have been 10 shipments coming in from European countries with ecstasy inside. This includes 2 packages from Germany, 2 packages from the Netherlands, 2 packages from France, 2 packages from Portugal, a package from Slovakia, and a package from Belgium. Together officials seized a total of 100,257 ecstasy pills from the shipments.


Credit: INN News


Niyom stated that ecstasy works similarly to Yaba and crystal meth falling into Narcotic category 1 in the Narcotic Act B.E. 2522, commonly referred to as hard drugs. Smuggling these drugs into the nation has the highest punishment of death. Selling or distribution of the drugs can bring you life imprisonment and a fine of 5 Million THB. Niyom warns users that ecstasy is dangerous and can cause extreme hallucinations, overdose can affect your heart and lead to death.


Ecstasy also commonly referred to as MDMA and Molly is a synthetic drug that when taken changes your mood and perception, such as the way you see the world around. Chemically it is similar to stimulants and hallucinogens and gives users a feeling of ecstasy, thus the source of its name. Ecstasy brings users a high level of energy, an enhanced feeling of love and warmth, time often quickly passes by when on the drug. Ecstasy is commonly used by ravers and nightlife addicts.


Credit: INN News


FB Caption: In the last 5 months officials have discovered 100,257 ecstasy pills sent in from European nations.


Source: INN News, drugabuse.gov