13 Restaurant Security guards battle with police.

13 security guards at a famous seafood restaurant in Lak Si-Saphan Mai, Bangkok city grouped up on 3 men at 2.30 on 7 October 2020. The fight went online in a video showing 19 men wearing security guard uniforms ganging up on teenagers. The latest update at 13.20 is that 9 out of the 13 have met with the police along with the restaurant owner and manager. Police are still waiting for the 4 remaining security guards to come in. 


Credit: Khaosod


Police Sergeant Chuedchai Yodcharoen and Police Sergeant Ekkawat Kaewpila were injured in the incident. Both officers went to the restaurant and while they were inside the pair started arguing with the table next to them. One of the officers poured water onto the person sitting at the table. Security guards stopped the argument and brought both officers outside. Then one of the officers attacked a security guard while being dragged out of the business. There is another injured person named Jaturong Bunpeng who works as a security guard, but on the day he just came to enjoy food and a few drinks. Jaturong saw what was happening and tried to intervene.  


Mister A, head of security at the restaurant stated that an argument started inside the restaurant between the police officers and another group of customers. Security guards working tried to stop them from fighting but it wasn’t working. The guards decided its best if both tables came outside to solve it out. The officers weren’t listening and attacked a security guard. A revealed they were not respecting the restaurant at all and were shouting non-stop. The security guard team couldn’t control themselves and the situation got worse. 


Credit: Khaosod


A realized the 2 men were police as they left a knuckle-duster and a knife with employees before entering the restaurant. A wishes to publicly apologize for causing a scene. A claims the video only shows what happened in the end. He has worked in security at the restaurant for over 10 years and has never hurt a customer but this was different as the officer attacked his staff first. A admits he’s worried that he might be fired. 


FB Caption: The police officer attacked a guard, this led to the commotion. 


Source: Khaosod