13-year-old addicted to Yaba, dad in prison and mom ran away.

A request for help was sent to the Pavena Foundation for Children and Women regarding a 13-year-old addicted to Yaba pills. The complaint was sent by the auntie who has been taking care of the child. The auntie feels like things are out of her control after the child has been threatening to kill everyone in the household. The dad is in prison for life and the mother ran way. Rai the auntie contacted the foundation through the official Facebook page. Rai stated she has been taking care of the child since he was 3 and that he used to be very good in school.



Rai revealed the father will be in jail forever and the mother has never returned to visit her child. There are 9 persons in the household. The child has always been a good boy. She sent him to school but as he started grade 6 the boy started skipping school and hanging out with the wrong group of friends. The family would always have to search for him and bring him home. He has been using Yaba for about 2 years since the age of 11. He would disappear for days and would sleep for 3 days straight when he finally came home.  Rai started noticing strange behavior. 2 days ago, the boy held a knife and shouted “Who ever comes in I will kill them all”.



Rai does not know what to do and decided to ask for help from the Pavena foundation. Pavena Hongsakul contacted Police Colonel Chetpan Wichadit from the Kuraburi Police in Phang Nga Province to help sent to boy into treatment. Theerawat Junnuan from the Phang Nga House for Children and Families and other related officials will also be helping the boy towards a better future. The Pavena Foundation will cover the treatment cost of about 20,500 THB. The Baan Paan Suk in Krabi Province will help take care of the boy afterwards.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The boy would disappear for days and come back home to sleep for 3 days straight.


Source: Khaosod