1,452 road deaths in Jan. 2018

ROAD death toll remains alarmingly high with unofficial figures collected by the Don’t Drive Drunk Foundation showing that 1,452 people died at the site of the accident in just the first month of this year, INN News reported today (Feb. 2).

The foundation’s secretary-general Dr Thaejing Siripanic also revealed last year’s statistics as follows:

January 2017:  947 road deaths, or an average of 30 a day;

February 2017: 850 road deaths, or average 30 a day;

March 2017:  1,281 road deaths, or an average 41 a day

April 2017: 1,382 road deaths;

May 2017: 1,124 road deaths;

June 2017:  1,128 road deaths.

The total for the first half of 2017 reached 6,712 road fatalities which is an increase from 5,308 recorded in the same period of 2016.

The situation did not improve in the second half of 2017 because today there are people dying on the road all 365 days.

Statistics available for the second of 2017 are as follows:

July 2017: 1,021 road deaths:

September 2017:  1,110 road deaths;

October 2017: 1,161 road deaths;

November 2017: 1,301 road deaths;

December 2017: 1,327 road deaths.



Top: One of the numerous fatal road accidents that regularly occur across Thailand. Photo:  INN News