15-year-old beat up 14-year-old dissabled boy

The father of the 14-year-old victim was furious when he saw a video capturing the moment when a 15-year-old boy had beat up his disabled son. Alongkorn 35 years old and Jan 40 years old, the parents of the boy went to the Police Station with their disabled son on 10 May 2020. The parents filed a report against Ball, 15 years old, with Police Captain Sarawut Salipan at the Thanyaburi Police Station in Pathum Thani Province. Ball and the victim were supposed to be friends, this was until Ball decided to beat up A and left him bleeding.


Someone had recorded the incident showing Ball beating up the victim who had no arms. The video went online and Netizens were affected as they realized the victim had no way to fight back at all. The father stated that a relative sent him the video on the morning of the 10th, when Alongkorn watched the video he became furious and felt blood rushing through his body. The father can’t believe what he saw and wishes to take action on the bully. It was extremely unfair because his son had no way to protect himself from Ball.


A revealed that the incident took place on the 6th of this month, but he was scared and chose to keep silent. The incident took place at a Petanque game in Klong 10, Thanyaburi. Ball was supposed to be a friend. A was at another friend’s place when Ball blocked the door and didn’t allow A to leave. A managed to open the door and returned home. They met again at the Petanque game when Ball suddenly attacked A with no warning. The Police Captain stated that the victim has been sent to the hospital for a health check. Ball has been found and because he is a minor, the identity is not made public. Ball admitted to beating A up and is waiting for the prosecution at Thanyaburi Court.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: A was attacked when Ball found out he was hanging out with another friend. A is a disabled child born without both arms, there was no way to protect himself.


Source: Khaosod