16 Burmese workers arrested, from Malaysia into Thailand.

16 Burmese workers have been arrested after the group came into Thailand from Malaysia to run away from Covid-19. Thailand continues to have Burmese smuggling into the country through natural passageways from Malaysia. This is due to the Covid-19 situation as many workers have ended up unemployed and seek to return home or find another country to reside in as the Covid situation in Malaysia is still spreading. Officials from the Klong Na Police Station in Sadao District, Songkhla Province, arrested 16 Burmese who have illegally entered Thailand through the Malaysia-Thailand Border. 


Out of the number, 12 are male and 4 are female, there are also 2 pregnant women in the group. One is 4 months pregnant while the other is 6 months pregnant. The group entered Thailand using natural passageways along the Thai-Malaysia border in Sadao District. The group was hiding in a Chinese Cemetery located by the Kanchanawanich Road, Moo 4, Pang La Sub-district. When asked why they chose such a location for hiding, the group revealed a Thai agent planned to pick them up but the police found the group before the plan could be completed. 


Through a translator, all in the group had been working in Malaysia for over 2 years. They have worked in restaurants, factories, and selling vegetables. The work was going good but then Covid-19 came and changed everything. Everyone in the group became unemployed and have been so for about 3 months. Together they made up a plan to leave Malaysia with the goal to return home in Myanmar. A Malaysian agent helped them cross the border in exchange for 15,000 THB per person. The agent had informed them to wait at the Chinese Cemetery as a Thai agent would be picking them up to continue the journey back to Myanmar. Officials at the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) and related officials have been contacted. All 16 Burmese will receive Covid-19 tests along with a 14-day quarantine. Hopefully, none in the group have Covid-19 so they can return home safely as planned. 


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: . A Malaysian agent helped them cross the border in exchange for 15,000 THB per person. The group was supposed to meet a Thai agent in a Chinese Cemetery. 


Source: Sanook