16 Chinese arrested snuck into Thailand from Myanmar.

Mae Sot Police in Tak province has arrested 16 Chinese that snuck into Thailand from Myanmar. The suspects claim that Covid-19 has taken away their casino jobs in Myanmar so they snuck into the Kingdom hoping to find a way out. Mae Sot District officials arrested 16 Chinese citizens at 7.30 on 12 July 2020. They were found floating in Moey River, some were so tired they almost drowned so officials helped them onto the land.  The 16 suspects were then arrested on the spot. 


Credit: INN News


After the arrests were made the Chinese claimed that they had been working at a casino in Myanmar. Work was going as usual until Covid-19 left them unemployed. The group of workers then decided to sneak into Thailand through natural passageways. While they were swimming in the river hoping to reach Thai land police spotted them. Out of 16 suspects, 6 had passports but no entry stamps or documents to prove their entrance into Thailand, and 10 had no passports. The group has snuck into Thailand illegally posing a high risk of spreading Covid-19 to the people residing in Thailand. 


Credit: INN News


Such action is dangerous and is a violation of the Communicable Disease Act B.E. 2558 (2018), entering the Kingdom through an unspecified channel, and a violation of Tak Provincial orders communicable diseases orders no. 1/2563. All 16 suspects have been delivered to the Mae Sot Police Station for prosecution. As for the current Covid situation in Thailand on 12 July 2020, there has been 1 new case of Thai who returned from Japan and is currently at a quarantine center. All returning from abroad, Thai or foreigners, with symptoms or no symptoms must be quarantined at a quarantine center in Thailand. Those who choose to enter Thailand illegally is a high-risk act towards all living in Thailand. 



FB Caption: Covid-19 left 16 Chinese unemployed from their casino jobs in Myanmar, they decided to sneak into Thailand illegally. 


Source: Khaosod