17-year-old found after missing in forest for 10 days.

A 17-year-old went missing in the forest and is finally found after 10 days. The teenager was found with an injury and is very thin but is now safe. He revealed after entering the forest he got lost and has been surviving on bananas and vegetables. Police Captain Santi Kapkaew from the Mae Ka Police Station in Phayao Province received notification about a missing person. The person is Nitit 17 years old who has went missing since 21 September 2022. The man went to look for wild food in the forest but never returned. 



The local rescue team and related officials were notified. Over 50 personals started searching the forest continuously for 10 days and 9 nights. The search started from 21-30 September, and they never gave up. Finally, Nitit was found on the Ban Tha Charoen Hill in Lampang Province. The teenager was very weak and in need of water and food. When the missing person was found he revealed it had been several days since he had any food or water. He was also injured in one foot, so the rescue team made sure he was safe. The teenager was then delivered to the Phayao Hospital. 



A relative of Nitit stated that they went inside the forest together to look for wild food. They lost each other but the relative left the forest safely. Nitit on the other hand could not find the way out and got lost in the forest. He had been surviving on bananas and other vegetables in the forest. When Nitit realized he had been found he was very happy that people were searching for him. The search team stated they started searching for the missing person in Phayao but he was found inside the forest in Lampang Province at a connecting point between the two provinces. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The teenager had been surviving on bananas and wild vegetables. 


Source: Khaosod