17-year-old stole food delivery driver motorbike and crashes 4 times.

A 17-year-old boy stole a food delivery driver’s motorbike before crashing it into 4 other vehicles. The boy ended up crashing into a car before he was arrested. The driver of the car had to hold him down while waiting for police. Rat Burana Police in Bangkok received notification of a motorbike theft on 16 May 2023. Police notified the local rescue team and traveled to the location. Officials arrived at a scene where a group of food delivery drivers were surrounding the suspect. Police and the rescue team separated the drivers from the suspect to help calm down the situation. The suspect had many scratches on his face and body. 



The rescue team made sure he was safe before the police delivered the suspect to the police station. Ice 21 years old the owner of the stolen motorbike stated that he was waiting for a job. While he was looking down at his phone he heard the motorbike start. When he looked up the suspect started driving away and he couldn’t catch him in time. At the same time, another food delivery driver came and Ice asked for help. The good driver drove after the suspect and not long after came to pick Ice up. The good driver stated the suspect was driving into random vehicles. 



Bank 37 years old stated he saw the suspect driving into other vehicles on the road. The suspect then drove into his car. Bank ran out of his car and held down the suspect until the police arrived. This is when Ice and the good driver arrived. Other owners of vehicles the suspect crashed into came to the scene. Tasapon 17 years old admitted that he stole the motorbike and was so scared of being caught. He drove as fast as he could and crashed into other vehicles. The owner of the last vehicle which is a Honda City held him down and other victims followed shortly after. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The suspect was so scared of being caught that he drove into other vehicles along the way. 


Source: Khaosod