190 crocodiles abandoned for years, results in cannibalism.

190 crocodiles were left abandoned in a crocodile farm for years without any care including food. The cause for the abandonment is the owner passed away. Officials from the Department of Fisheries in Songkhla Province have stepped in to help. Villagers complained to a Facebook page in Thailand named “Big Krian” on 27 February 2023. The owner of the crocodiles died and no one continued the care of the crocodiles. Some of them have resolved to cannibalism and some have lost their tails. A few crocodiles managed to escape and were found in front of villagers’ homes.



Officials went to inspect the farm that used to have 190 crocodiles. Because of cannibalism, there are about 100 left. A contract exists between the owner and a private company so officials cannot yet manage the crocodiles. Pirat Tangsukcharoen from the Songkhla Department of Fisheries along with related officials went to visit the crocodile farm located in Wat Kanun sub-district. The area is inside a village with many homes. Crocodiles have escaped and crawled to homes in the area. There are many human made ponds inside the farm. Some have crocodiles inside and some ponds only have bones left behind. 



There are also crocodile remains that recently died and the smell is very strong spreading across the area. There are 2 large ponds with many starving crocodiles remaining inside. Pirat stated there are about 100 crocodiles left. The owner previously reported to the department that there are 190 crocodiles in the farm. The owner passed away but there is a contract with a private company for care. The agreement is to send crocodiles to the company once they reach 2 years old, for the purpose of crocodile skin products. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The owner passed away and no one stepped in to care for the crocodiles. 

Source: Khaosod