2 drug runners killed in shootout with police

TWO drug traffickers were shot dead in a firefight with police in northern Chiang Rai police last night and a big lot of 5 million methamphetamine pills and 199 of bars heroin seized from their pickup truck, the Thai-language daily Matichon reported today (May 14).

Acting on a tipoff Pol Lt-Gen Vuthipong Petchkamnert, Pol Col Ithipol Chansibut and Pol Lt- Col Chirapong Khammee together with other policemen laid in wait at Highway 1150 in Chiang  Rai’s Wiang Pa Pao district to halt the drug run to Chiang Dao district in adjacent Chiang Mai province.

At 1.40 a.m. a pickup truck which matched the description given by the informer drove up, but when the police team tried to stop it, the 2 drug traffickers within fired at them and drove off, leading to a chase which halted at kilometer 58-59, where another round of gunfire ensured and ended with the 2 drug suspects being extrajudicially shot dead.

drug 2

A search of the pickup truck found the bodies of the 2 drug runners, with their ID cards identifying them as Khomsan Sae Song, 31, and Surin Sansongcharoen, 23, both from northern Lampang province, and the 2 pistols they used, while at the rear were several sacks containing 5 million methamphetamine pills and 199 bars of heroin.

Police believe this big lot of drugs came from Southern Wa ethnic group in Myanmar’s Shan state. This group is headed by an influential general who controls the border area abutting Chaing Mai and Chiang Rai provinces.

Police added that this drug bust is likely linked to one hauled in on April 27, when 4 million methamphetamine pills and 140 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine (Ice) were seized, because one of the arrested men comes from the same village as one of the extrajudicially killed drug runners.


Top: One of the 2 drug traffickers police shot dead last night, left, and the big lot of drugs they seized at right. Photo: Matichon

In-text: The large amount of drugs seized after a gunfight last night. Photo: Matichon