2 held for heroin trafficking on Koh Samui

TWO Thai women were arrested at Koh Samui’s Raja ferry pier at 9 a.m. this morning (June 7, 2018) after a team of soldiers and police found 281.94 grams of heroin hidden in their backpacks, the Thai-language daily Matichon reported.

Police had been tipped off by a spy that the 2 women, identified as Ms Dalisa Mustopa, 30, and Ms Nirada A-wae, 31, were about to get off the ferry after traveling by bus from Su-ngai Kolok town on the Thai-Malaysian border in Narathiwat province to the resort island.

A search of their backpacks revealed that the 2 women had each put half the amount of the total 281.94 grams of heroin, wrapped in newspaper, into sanitary napkin boxes.

The suspects, who said they worked assistants at a beauty clinic in the border town, confessed to trafficking type 1 drug (heroin), and said they had been hired by a man to deliver the drug to a client at the last station of this bus’s route on Koh Samui, and that this is the second time they were running drugs.


Top: The 2 suspects after they were arrested this morning. Photo: Matichon

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