2 held for not returning tourist’s valuables

A YOUNG jet ski driver and his friend have been arrested for finding and not returning a Chinese tourist’s valuables, worth 1.25 million baht, on Koh Larn island off Pattaya coast, Thai News Agency reported today (Dec. 5).

Mr Zhu Jiang, 28, a Chinese tourist, filed a complaint with Tourist and Pattaya police that he lost a dry bag which he wore around his neck, with this containing a diamond ring, a jade necklace and an iPhone worth at least 1.25 million baht, while playing in the water at Koh Larn island beach.

He had asked jet ski drivers to help find it but they failed to do so.

Police spotted the suspect, Mr Ratnapol  Sae Oui, 21, in a CCTV footage and arrested him after he admitted to having found the tourist’s dry bag, from which he later gave the diamond ring to his friend, Mr Surasak or Sak Koh Larn Intharot, 50, to sell.

He added that he hid the jade necklace but threw the iPhone and the dry bag itself into water.

Police were able to recover and hand over all the valuables to the tourist and have filed theft and receiving stolen goods charges against the 2 friends.


Top: One of the 2 suspects who did not return a Chinese tourist’s valuables being questioned at the police station. Photo: Thai News Agency