2 Indians held for extorting compatriot in Pattaya

TWO Indians were arrested in Pattaya today (May 3, 2018) on the charges of extorting and stripping and assaulting an Indian journalist they had brought to Thailand to drum up business after he failed in his assignment, Thai News Agency reported.

Pattaya Police together with Tourist Police in this resort city arrested the 2 unidentified Indian men today after they stripped the unnamed Indian journalist and took photos of him, attacked him and forced him to call his family to send hundreds of thousands of baht.

Police also seized 2 cheques and the victim’s credit card from the 2 Indian suspects.

The victim took an opportunity when his attackers were not looking to send a short message to police, which led to his rescue.

He told police the 2 assailants had paid for his air fare to come to Thailand to help draw sponsors to their business. However, he failed to bring in a single one, which led to a fierce argument last night followed by the attack and extortion.


Top: The 2 Indian suspects being questioned at Pattaya police station. Photo: Thai News Agency

Below: The cheques and the victim’s credit card which police seized. Photo: Thai News Agency

Indian suspects (2)