2 kids chained by their mother rescued

A MYANMAR mother was warned to change her behavior after Phuket officials rescued 2 of her young children who were chained to the doorway to their room, Sanook.com reported today (Dec. 5).

Officials from the Phuket Office of Social Development and Human Security, One Home children and family shelter, and a center from the homeless, together went to a room in Phuket’s Muang District after photos of chained young boy and girl spread on social media.

The Myanmar mother told them that she now has a new husband, and gave birth to her 4th child over a month ago, but could not control these 2 children, a 9-year-old boy and a 7-year-old girl, because they were very naughty.

She added that they often ran out to play on the street, and had almost been hit by cars several times which is why she chained them.

These two children, plus their older 17-year-old sibling, had earlier been in Myanmar and only moved to Phuket not too long ago.

Miss Atchara Surakul, head of One Home children and family shelter, said the 2 children had been temporarily taken to the shelter to help heal mental scars as they are stressed out and will not talk.

Police have not filed any charges against the mother and the step-father, but they have been sternly warned to change their behavior.

Police have also contacted a Myanmar NGO, which looks after the benefits of Myanmar workers in Phuket, about this case.


Top: The chained Myanmar children who were rescued today. Photo: Sanook.com