2 meter crocodile found wandering the roads

A crocodile was found wandering the roads at midnight in Boh Win district, Chonburi province. The rescue team from Peau Yiang Tai hurried to the location after being notified of the crocodile walking by the main road. Battiparn Bunyi, one of the members in the rescue team stated that after they arrived at the location, there was a lost crocodile walking around aimlessly, after getting a closer look the crocodile turned out to be almost two meters in length. The crocodile was caught right at the intersection on the road, where it could cause danger towards those using the roads and also being at risk of injury by car accident for the crocodile itself.


Credit: WorkpointNews
Credit: WorkpointNews


The road that the crocodile was found on is located close to the local creek. If the crocodile was not caught in time, it could swim to many locations and cause great danger towards children and animals that live near the creek. The rescue team decided to use a special tool to get a hold of the crocodile’s neck, then tied the jaw shut to protect from snapping. It took approximately 15 minutes to capture the crocodile.


Crocodile’s in Thailand are often kept and raised in farms for two main reasons. Firstly, is for crocodile meat production and secondly, for crocodile shows. Crocodile shows usually involve normal tricks such as laying the performers head in the crocodile mouth, touching the tongue of the crocodile, and training the crocodile to follow orders. Although crocodiles found in farms are normally much larger than the crocodile found in this case.


The crocodile is estimated to be around 3 years of age with a length of 1.8 meters and weighs over 18 kilos. The crocodile is estimated to have escaped from someone’s home, the owner could not be found. The crocodile is currently residing in a crocodile farm, waiting for its owner to come to pick it up.



FB Caption: Still in search for the owner….

Source: WorkpointNews