2 speed boats collide at Phuket’s Sapam Bay

TWO speed boats collided at Sapam Bay off Phuket late last evening (Jan. 16) leading to 16 tourists being injured with 9 of them foreigners, Thai News Agency reported this morning (Jan. 17).

Mueang Phuket station, Tourist and Marine police accompanied with officials from Marine Office 5 and doctors rushed to help the injured after the 2 speed boats, Satakamol 333 and Phimracha 5, collided at Sapam Bay just in front of Rang Yai island.

Eight of the injured foreign tourists were  Italians and the ninth a Spaniard. The steersman of Satakamol 333,  Mr Vichit Kerdsap, was also injured and taken to the hospital.

A speed boat cruising in Phuket waters

Investigation revealed that Satakamol 333 was bringing tourists from Italy, Switzerland and Spain back to Royal Phuket Marina after a trip to Phang Nga Bay.

As it was cruising pass the curvy route in front of Rang Yai Island towards the right, Phimracha 5, which was captained by Mr Aran Chuaykarnkla, 28, was coming out of Royal Phuket Marina on the left, and the boats collided.

Phimracha 5’s captain said he ran into sand dunes just as he sailed out of the marina because the water level had dropped, this then forced him  to swerve but the boat lost balance and hit the other speed boat.

The Phuket Governor immediately called a meeting of units concerned to work out preventive measures so that this sort of accident does not occur again.


Top: An injured tourist being taken to the hospital after the accident. Photo: Thai News Agency

In-text: A speed boat cruising along off Phuket. Photo: Thai News Agency