2 Thai women held on drug charges in Japan

THE Thai Foreign Ministry said today (Dec. 7) that 2 Thai women have been arrested at Japan’s Narita Airport on the charges of having cocaine in their possession and trying to smuggle it into Japan, Thai News Agency reported.

Ms Busadee Santithak, director of the Foreign Ministry’s Information Department and spokesperson, said if found guilty, the Thai suspects face not more than 10 years in jail and a fine of not more than 30 million yen, or 8.7 million baht.

However, the penalty could be increased depending on the type of drug involved.

She added that so far the Japanese authorities have not made any contacts on whether or not these 2 Thai women seek help from the Thai consulate.

“The Foreign Ministry wants to warn that there is a heavy penalty to smuggling drugs into Japan.

“Doing this might also affect their own travel to Japan, trips by other tourists and tour groups in future.

“Tourists are warned not to accept to deliver anything for people they don’t know, as the content is unknown to them,” she said.


Top: An attractive display at Narita Airport. Photo: Hajime Nakano (CC-BY-2.0)