2 women apologize for strip dancing on Facebook

TWO young women who stripped danced on Facebook met Bang Khen police today (August 31) and apologized for behaving in an inappropriate manner with their excuse being that they urgently needed money to support their families, INN News said.

The two women came to meet Bang Khen police officers after complaints were filed against them and arrest warrants issued for strip dancing in an obscene manner in violation of the Computer Crimes Act 2017.

The two women said they were not students having completed their studies and while apologizing for behaving inappropriately they said they had to find extra income because what they earned from their regular jobs was not enough to support their families.

They admitted that they had previously performed live over the Internet but this is the first time they stripped and did so to attract more viewers and increase likes so as to get paid.

Pol. Col. Amnart Inthrasavorn, the superintendent at Bang Khen police station, said a charge is being filed against them for doing something shameful which the public could see and spreading and sharing this material online while knowing full well that it was sexually oriented.

While the two have been released after posting 70,000 baht bail they will be questioned further for legal action, he added.

Pol. Col. Amnart also said this is a warning that this sort of behavior goes against the Computer Crimes Act and those hiring women to perform in this way also face legal action.


Top: The two women talking to Bang Khen police officers today. Photo: INN News



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