20 people flee as 8 Samut Prakarn townhouses sink

OVER 20 people fled in panic after eight single-story townhouses sank and almost collapsed at Saeng  Tawan Housing Estate in Bang Sawthong district of Samut Prakarn province last night,  Thaich8.com said today (July 11).

All the townhouses have clearly tilted backwards with the structure of piles and beams cracking and some walls collapsing.

Mrs Waritha Duangsoognern, one of the victims, said just as she and her family were falling asleep in their house she first heard a noise similar to rats running around the ceiling and after a few seconds she heard a loud bang with the whole house shaking at which point she and her family as well as her neighbors ran outside.

Mrs Waritha added that she bought this house about 12 years ago and earlier it did not show any signs of sinking or tilting so that is why they did not think something like this would occur.

As she and her neighbors are in difficulty as they have nowhere to stay because they don’t dare go back in their homes they have urged the developer and officials to help them quickly.

Safety officers at Bang Sawthong district have inspected the damage and given help to the victims while forbidding them from going back to their homes as it could sink further.


Top: One of the damaged townhouses. Photo: Thaich8.com


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