200M THB worth of drugs hidden in vegetable truck.

Officials discovered at least 200 Million THB worth of Yaba and Crystal Meth hidden in a vegetable truck on 4 February 2020. Police Major General Anucha Uamcharoen from the Lampang Police Station traveled to the traffic stop for drug investigation located on the Lampang-Ngao District Road in Lampang Province. Officials at the traffic stop had discovered a suspicious vehicle. The Toyota Revo with a Ratchaburi Province license plate was stopped for inspection. Police proved successful after the truck turned out to be a large pile of drugs consisting of Yaba and Crystal Meth commonly referred to as “Ice” in Thailand.


Officials searched the truck that appeared to be a vegetable delivery truck. The green vegetables were placed in baskets and stacked tightly together. The strict search revealed 8 sacks hidden in the vegetables full of Yaba and crystal meth. Officials removed white sacks filled with drugs out of the truck one by one. A total of 172,000 Yaba pills and 70 kilograms of crystal meth was in the truck, coming to a total of at least 200 Million THB worth. The drugs were tightly wrapped and placed in plastic tea packets, sealed in a large plastic bag before finally placed in rice sacks. Drugs are often found hidden in tea packets for an unknown reason, so often that the idea of drugs being inside tea packs is as common as the tea itself. Perhaps it’s time drug gangs change their method of concealing the drugs.


Credit: INN News
Credit: INN News


Police have arrested the driver Wongwit 30 years old from Jom Bueng District in Ratchaburi Province. Wongwit was wearing a grey long-sleeved T-shirt with rainbow shorts. He is seen with handcuffs held by the police while standing in front of a crystal meth pack hidden inside a yellow tea packet. The investigation is still in action but so far the suspect has revealed that the drugs were picked up from Chiang Rai Province and were to be delivered to a buyer in Central Thailand.


FB Caption: A total of 172,000 Yaba pills and 70 kilograms of crystal meth was in the truck


Source: INN News