23 kg python stuck in toilet, pipe had to be removed.

A python was found in the toilet and had to be removed. The python was so big it was stuck inside the pipe which had to be removed. The story was first shared by a user named “Chang Lantanoy” in a Facebook group named “All about Thailand Snakes” on 17 March 2023. The post stated, “Homeowner was confused after he couldn’t flush the toilet. Not only did water not go down, but something else came up. There is a good ending and the snake will be released back into nature”. The python was rescued and not injured thanks to the team’s expertise. 



Pictures of the snake in the toilet and the pipe were posted. The local rescue team went to the home and helped find a solution. They tried to remove it by manually holding onto the snake but no matter how much they pulled, the snake was stuck inside. The team then removed the water pipe connected to the toilet. The python was so big the pipe had to be cut in half. Thankfully it was removed without any harm. The snake was cleaned and weighed, it weighed 23 kilograms. Netizens all agreed that this was a very large snake, even for pythons that are known to be very large. 



Chang posted a picture showing a comparison of the snake to a big soda bottle. The snake was clearly larger. Pythons can be found across all of Thailand. There are 3 species of pythons in Thailand and the reticulated python is the longest snake in the world. It is common to see pythons up to 4 meters long in the wild while some can grow up to 6 meters long. Burmese pythons can grow over 3 meters long and Brongerma’s Blood Python is rare and smaller than the other 2 species.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The snake was so big it was stuck inside the pipe. 


Source: Khaosod, Herpingthailand