3 die after tire blowout leads to crash

A PICKUP truck carrying Myanmar workers lost its balance after a tire burst then jumped across the traffic island and hit a sedan in adjacent Nonthaburi province last night killing 3 people and injuring 6 others, Thai News Agency reported this morning (Jan. 11).

A 9 pm last night the Bangkok-registered pickup truck, owned by Quick Paint Company, suddenly jumped across a traffic island on Nakhon In Road in Bang Kruai district and hit a tree, a power pole, an overpass bridge pillar before slamming into a sedan driven by Miss Kwanyean Laovaraphan, 50, who was accompanied by a friend.

Capture 2

The sedan was only slightly damaged but the pickup truck was crushed with glass and belongings scattered across the road.

The 3 dead Myanmar workers were identified as Mr Simira, Mr Saihong Phai and Mr Simika.

The 6 injured people, including the pickup truck driver, were taken to Phra Nang Klao Hospital

Police believe that the tire burst because there are rubber scraping marks on the road and will question the driver in detail later after he leaves hospital.


Top: The scene of the bad accident in Nonthaburi last night. Photos: Thai News Agency