3 Filipinos held for pickpocketing Japanese tourist

POLICE tracked down and arrested 3 Filipinos who were filmed by a BTS station security camera pickpocketing a Japanese tourist, INN New reported today (July 25, 2018).

Pol Maj-Gen Surachet Hakphan, deputy chief of Tourist Police, said the 3 suspects are Mr Labador Jacob Earnie, Miss Thadio Saklapath and Miss Lasiana Carol (names translated as written in Thai).

Seized from them were a Hermes wallet worth over 600,000 baht and cash in various currencies totaling over 40,000 baht as well as clothes they wore when they pickpocketed the Japanese tourist at BTS Chidlom station on July 17.

Investigation shows that this gang usually targeted crowded tourist areas, such as department stores and train stations, and selected foreign tourists to steal from because they mostly do not file a police report as they usually have to return home quickly.

The video clip from a CCTV camera at Chitlom station very clearly shows the 3 of them following the victim into a train and then using the big crowd to get close to him and either lifted his wallet or slashed it to get the money.

Pol Maj-Gen Surachet added that the 3 of them have been in and out of Thailand 9 times and have pickpocketed over 20 times.

They have been charged with stealing at night and receiving stolen goods.


Top: Pol Maj-Gen Surachet showing the Hermes wallet recovered from the Filipino pickpocket gang. Photo: INN News

Below: A chart shows the suspects in action with the circled man being the Japanese tourist while the 2 arrows point to 2 of the 3 suspects who were following him. Photo: INN News