3 Hongkongers held for filing fake theft report

THREE Hong Kong Chinese tourists were arrested for filing a false police report about a theft which did not take place in order to get insurance payout upon returning home, INN News reported this morning (May 8).

Pol Maj Gen Surachet Hakphan, deputy chief of Tourist Police, said the 3 tourists filed a report at Thung Mahamaek police station on Saturday May 5 that the driver of a motor tricycle, or tuk tuk, used a knife to steal 3 iPhones, 2 cameras and 45,000 baht in cash as they were returning to their hotel in Saladaeng area from Central World shopping complex.

However, police found that their answers were dubious and inconsistent, so checked CCTV footage at both places.

This showed that the 3 tourists had in fact traveled back to their hotel in Saladaenge area in a white rented sedan, which had been waiting for them in front of the shopping complex. The clip at the hotel too showed that they got off this vehicle with the assets they claimed to have been stolen with them.

The 3 tourists were summoned for another round of questioning, and have now admitted that they filed a false report so as to claim 250,000 baht insurance compensation on a policy they took out before traveling here.

Police have charged the 3 tourists with filing a false report, which is punishable by not more than 3 years in jail or 60,000 baht fine or both, before taking legal action and deporting and blacklisting them.


Top: An artistic image of looters running away.  Photo: Surian Soosay (CC-By-2.0)