3-meter long monitor lizard found inside woman’s home.

A 3-meter long monitor lizard was caught inside a woman’s home. She believes it came inside to bring her luck and will be purchasing lottery tickets with her home number and car plate number. The lizard ran past her car and then into her home before finding a hiding place. The local rescue team was notified and the lizard is now caught waiting to be released back into nature. The Ang Thong Rescue Team received notification on 27 December 2021 of a 3-meter long monitor lizard inside a local’s home. The home owner stated it was hiding inside her storage room. The home number is 68/4 located in Chaiyo District, Ang Thong Province. 


Credit: Khaosod


Rata Tapientong, a volunteer at the rescue team, was contacted to come in and help catch the lizard. Rata is a volunteer who is skilled at catching snakes and lizards. Donlaya Sirichan 29 years old revealed that she found the giant lizard running through her garden then passed her car with license plate number 5898. The lizards then ran into her storage room. She notified the rescue team so that it could be released back into nature. This is her first time seeing a lizard this size and believes it is a sign of good luck. Donlaya will be buying lottery tickets with both her home number and car number. 


Rata and other officers from the rescue team went to the home and realized it was truly as big as Donlaya claimed. Rata used special equipment to slowly drag the lizard outside. The lizard tried to escape and broke the first rope. They used another rope that successfully pulled the lizard out of the storage room. The team managed to capture the giant lizard after 20 minutes. They tied the legs and then used a black piece of fabric to cover the head. This is to keep the lizard calm. The team also sprayed the lizard with water to help it cool down before carrying it into a truck. The lizard is now safe and waiting to be released back into nature, somewhere far from villages.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The  woman believes this is a sign of good luck. 


Source: Khaosod