3 monks arrested using and selling Yaba pills.

3 monks have been arrested for using and selling Yaba pills. After they were caught by the police, the monks claimed they have to use Yaba pills because other monks in the temple are old and they needs extra energy. The monks are 27,37,and 43 years old, all use and sell the drug. They claim the drugs are for personal use and they purchased 129 Yaba pills. The monks state they are responsible for all labor jobs in the temple such as gardening and cleaning. The main reason for using the drugs is to have high energy for long days of work. 



Police Colonel Wachirawit Wanthani from the Satuek District in Buriram Province received complaint from villagers near the temple that they have spotted monks using drugs in the temple. They have also witnessed these same monks selling the drug. Officers were sent to inspect the area. Officers met with Monk Ratchai 27 years old walking in the village. Officers asked to search his bag and found 129 Yaba pills inside. After talking to the monk they discovered the suspect had sold some pills to 2 more monks named Monk Surakai 37 years old and Monk Tubtim 43 years old. All 3 have admitted to using Yaba but Monk Ratchai has denied that he had been selling the pills. 



All 3 state that there are a total of 9 monks in the temple but all the others are too old to do any work around the temple. Monk Surakai revealed he has been a monk for 5 months but was using Yaba before he became a monk. The reason he became a monk was to pay tribute to his parents. During the early days he noticed that Monk Ratchai looked like he was on drugs. He asked Monk Ratchai “do you have some” and the answer was “yes”. He would buy 4 Yaba pills everyday from Monk Ratchai. The money used to buy the drugs is what was given to them everyday in the morning from villagers. 


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: The monks claim they need Yaba pills to help them work inside the temple

Source: Sanook