3 robbers get away with over 10m baht gold ornaments

THREE robbers armed with pistols raided a gold shop within a Tesco Lotus store in Chonburi and got away with gold ornaments worth over 10 million baht, INN News reported today (Nov. 23).

A CCTV clip shows the 3 raiders who were wearing full-face helmets and black pants and jackets parking 2 Bangkok-registered motorcycles near a doorway to the store with the gold shop located next to it within.

Two of them first came into the shop with one of the two firing a shot into the ceiling and smashing the glass counter after which he quickly scooped up the gold ornaments and put them into a bag.

At this point the third robber came in and helped put more gold jewelry into the bag.

The robbery took just 1 minute after which the trio got on their bikes and headed for the bypass road.

Police said the gold jewelry the robbers took including necklaces, rings and bracelets altogether weighing 535 baht and is worth around 10,700,000 baht.

They are working hard on chasing and arresting the 3 robbers.


Top: One of the three robbers grabbing gold at the gold shop within Tesco Lotus store in Chonburi. Photo: INN News