3 suspects arrested after kidnapping Chinese student for Ransom.

3 suspects have been arrested after a Chinese University student was kidnapped for ransom. The victim is studying for her master’s degree in Thailand. She was kidnapped in front of a restaurant located in Ekamai, Bangkok. The kidnappers demanded 3 million THB in exchange for her release. They went into hiding in Sa Kaeo Province but were arrested. The 23-year-old Chinese victim went to file a report with the Thonglor police. She was kidnapped and placed in a black Toyota Alphard van after leaving a restaurant on 16 March 2023.



Thonglor Police along with related officials arrested the kidnappers on 19 March 2023. Investigation revealed the 3 suspects were staying at a hotel in Pattaya, Chonburi Province. They tracked the suspects who traveled further to a hotel in Sa Kaeo Province. Sa Kaeo is a border province connected to Cambodia. Each suspect had a specific role in the kidnapping. A male suspect was the driver of the van with a Bangkok license plate. A female suspect who is friends with the victim invited the victim for dinner. She had to walk with the victim to the parking lot where the van would be waiting. 



The third male suspect will be waiting with the van door open. He grabbed the victim’s neck and used a knife to force her into the van. Then all three would demand the suspect to give them money if she wanted to live. The victim was forced to transfer money while in the van to an account. She transferred 3,229,195 THB in cryptocurrency and Chinese Yuan. The victim was released one day later on the 17th. The security footage from the restaurant showed her being kidnapped at 20.26. The female victim had intentionally planned to befriend the victim over a period of almost 1 year. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The female suspect befriended the victim over a period of 1 year. 


Source: Khaosod