3 teens broke the curfew because they were “bored”

A group of teenagers has been arrested after dancing in the middle of the road while in curfew, when asked why the group stated: “They were bored and had nothing to do”. A video went viral online showing 3 teenagers dancing in the middle of a public road in the main city of Samut Prakan Province on 23 April 2020. Officials from the Samrong Nuea Police Station discovered that the teenagers in the video lived near where the video was taken. The 3 teenagers were picked up and brought to the police station.


In the video, all the teens were showing off claiming that they don’t care about the curfew along with a hashtag “Even Though there is a curfew, we still chill” in Thai. The boys were only 15 years old and admitted to the police that they were the persons in the video. The reason why they did such an act was that the boys had nothing to do and were bored, they saw the empty road and decided to record the dance. It was after midnight, breaking the emergency decree with the national curfew in place from 22.00-4.00.


One of the boys stated that they were playing video games in the house and felt bored because there was nothing else to do. One of his friends was watching videos on the famous application Tik Tok. The group of friends then came up with the idea to go dance in the middle of the road. They brought along a pot and a jug to be used as dance accessories. Another friend who was older than the 3 boys recorded the video and uploaded it on his personal Facebook account. The boys admit that they didn’t think clearly enough and made a big mistake.


Credit: Sanook


One of the mothers stated that she didn’t know about her boy breaking the curfew to go dancing on the road. She heard about the incident when the police arrived at their home to pick up her son. An official informed her of what had happened to which she admitted that her son usually ignores what she says. She tries to teach him the difference between actions that are good and bad, such as to never leave the house after 22.00 during these times but he never listens. Hopefully, the police can help straighten up her son and the law will teach him. Police have filed the case to the Samut Prakan Juvenile and Family Court.


FB Caption: The boys stated they had nothing to do and were bored, so they decided to go dance on the road after midnight.


Source: Sanook