Over 300,000 lack warm clothes in Buriram

THE sudden drop in the temperature this morning led to officials in northeastern Buriram province rushing to check how many people lacked warm clothes and the total is 338,000, up 10% from last year, Thai News Agency reported today (Dec. 19).

Mr Chatnarong Siriporn Na Ratchasima, head of disaster prevention and mitigation office in Buriram, said it was cold in his province this morning, with the temperature being 12 to 13 degrees Celsius, and if the mercury drops lower than 8°C for 3 days, a cold weather emergency will be immediately declared.

Buriram cold

The declaration of an emergency will lead to budget to buy blankets for distribution being released. However, those who got one over the past 2 years are not entitled to get another one.

Nevertheless the private sector in this province has already started distributing warm clothes  to those in need.

Meanwhile the Thai Meteorological Department warned today (Dec. 19) that another strong high pressure deepens the cool to cold spell over the upper part of the country, as well as Bangkok and its vicinity. Temperature is likely to decrease by 1-3°C.

The South will likely get more rain, especially the lower Gulf area with rough seas and waves 2-4 meters high. Inshore surges are still watched for on the Gulf side, and all ships should proceed with caution, and small boats stay ashore.

Tropical storm Kaitak will move to the lower South China Sea during Dec. 22-24 , it will lose its strength while passing through Malaysia and Thailand’s lower South, but will increase the rainfall and also bring about torrential downpour.


Top: Fog over Buriram this morning. Photo: Thai News Agency

In-text: A family in Buriram keeping warm as best they can. Photo: Thai News Agency