3rd Yala rubber plantation blast victim in 5 days

A VILLAGER in southern Yala province’s Krong Pinang district was seriously wounded by an explosive he stepped on in a rubber plantation yesterday (July 2, 2018).

This was the third incident in the last 5 days. Officers believed it was intentional to instigate fear in the area.

At 7:30 a.m. yesterday, Krong Pinang police radio center was contacted by the officers of Ranger Unit 33 regarding the explosion in a rubber plantation located in Guyae village at Sa-e subdistrict of Yala’s Krong Pinang district, which left 1 villager wounded.

The radio center then notified Krong Pinang police station Superintendent Pol.Col. Narawee Binwae-Arong, Inspector Pol.Capt. Pongsak Nuankao, Ranger Unit 33 Commander Colonel Teerayuth Saiyued, Yala Explosive Ordnance Disposal unit, Anothai Special Force’s Military Working Dog and officers from Police Forensic Science Center 10 to join-investigate the incident.

When they arrived at the scene in the rubber plantation a kilometer away from the village’s main road, the team discovered that the injured victim had already been transported to the Krong Pinang hospital.

The victim was identified as 60 years old Mr Sutin Kaewkhuntod who lived in this district with his right foot being badly injured by the blast.
The investigation of the scene found the blast crater at the trunk of a rubber tree. Small pieces of wood, electric wire and explosive fragmentation were found and collected as evidence.

From initial assessment, the officers believed the victim was hurt by an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) with explosive charge weighing around 1-2 kilograms contained in a steel box and triggered by a pressure plate system.

Interrogation revealed that the man was going about his normal rubber tapping around the trees before he stepped on the hidden IED and set it off.

The officers believed this was the work of the insurgents who wanted to create and instigate continual unrest from earlier incidents.

In the last 5 days, the insurgents had planted explosives at various Yala rubber plantations and caused the prior 2 incidents.

The first incident happened on June 28 at this southern province’s Tachi subdistrict, Yaha district. The explosive blast had amputated 34 years old Mrs Wipahwan Plodkaenthong, who lives in this subdistrict, from her left knee down.

Shortly after on June 30, the second tragic incident which also occurred in a rubber plantation caused injury to 48 years old Mr Chutipong Namwong, who lives Lam Phaya subdistrict of this southern province’s Mueang District.

Yesterday morning’s blast at Krong Pinang district was the 3rd rubber plantation explosion and added one more victim in just 5 days.


Top: Rangers and police officers checking are area where the explosion took place in the Yala rubber plantation yesterday. Photo: Manager.co.th

By Piboon Awasdaruharote

Credit: Komchadluek.net