4 Giant Pythons went hunting in a duck farm.

A family of pythons attacked ducks at a duck farm attempting for a duck buffet, sadly the owner foresaw this and set up a trap that ended the pythons dreams.


The local rescue team in Nakhon Ratchasima was notified on 22 September 2019 of 4 giant pythons stuck in a trap located in a duck farm in  Phimai District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province. The rescue team went to inspect the area right away. When the team arrived they found the 4 large pythons stuck a fishing net set up as a trap in a swamp right by the duck farm.


Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook


The team saved the snakes by cutting the fishing net before putting them in large bags. It wasn’t an easy job, the team suspects that all 4 haven’t eaten in a long time as they were trying to fight off the team. They decided to save the biggest pythons first then the smaller one later. Finally, after at least an hour the team caught all 4 before letting them go free in a forest.


Tee 52 years old the duck farm owner lives in the house no.16, Soi 6, Phimai District. Many will want to buy lottery tickets with number 6 representing the snakes and Tee’s house number in hopes to win a prize in the upcoming government lottery.


Tee has over 3,000 ducks in his farm located by the swamp. It had just rained before the snakes were caught. Tee knew that the water level in the swamp would rise after the rain. He knew there was a family of Pythons living near his farm so he set up some fishing nets as traps in the swamp. Before this pythons regularly came to steal the ducks. He got tired of losing ducks so Tee decided to set up a trap for good. Tee thinks that the family of pythons knew about the ducks and they wanted to have a party. Instead of getting to dine in a duck buffet as they planned, they got stuck in a trap that ended up moving them somewhere else forever.


Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook


The rescue team wishes to warn locals with animal farms to beware of all snakes. There is a lot of rain during this time making the water levels higher. Snakes have an easier time traveling to hunt the animals, its best to set a trap to protect the animals just in case.


FB Caption: Tee thinks that the family of pythons knew about the ducks and they wanted to have a party.


Source: Sanook